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Working in camp healthcare is rewarding!

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Please submit your information to ACN! It’s free, we just want to help nurses find a great camp. We will post your information and make it available to all camps who place a healthcare job ad with us. Browse the job board and feel free to contact camps who may interest you.

ACN has prepared some questions to ask as you inquire about positions to help you learn about the camp, and find a position that is the best fit for you. Link below.

All individual submissions will be deleted at the end of August of each year, in preparation for the next season.

We respect your privacy. Your information will be available only to camps who place a job ad with ACN.


Nurses are waiting to find your camp!

Post a Job Ad

  • $85 for members ** Please Note**  Due to a temporary glitch in the system, for members to get the member price to post an ad you’ll need log in as a member, go to the Member Center, click “Post a Job Ad”
  • $175 for non-members

ACN recognizes that finding a camp nurse can be difficult. We provide a link between camps looking for a nurse and nurses looking for a camp. Nurses typically plan their summer in early winter because they must request time off from their regular job. Post your ad now to gain as much exposure as possible. The fee remains the same no matter how long it is posted.

So, why not advertise where nurses are looking? Interested?

All job ads are removed from the website in August of each year in preparation for camps to being posting for the next season.

Once you place a Camp Nurse Job Ad with ACN we’ll provide the password to the Camp Nurse Resume page


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