Camp Healthcare Research

Why Camp Nursing Research?

As camp healthcare providers we are among the masters of improvisation, those creative with a Band-Aid and marker, those who tolerate extremes of heat and cold. Yet sometimes there is a question, a problem, or a new program that begs to be studied in some depth. This is camp nursing research. Through this research, camp nurses utilize evidence (from the current literature) to guide their practice and make client care decisions. By incorporating research-informed practices, camp nurses can enrich their clinical experience and training.

How can ACN support my research interests?

ACN can assist you with applied as well as conceptual research project ideas, help you access existing data, and provide financial support to get started. You might be interested in tracking health center visits, camp relationships, or develop a deeper understanding of a camp-related health problem or phenomenon. You might want to utilize an existing research tool or develop a new measure. You might want to examine the implications of specific findings for the practice of camp nursing? These tasks converge to become camp nursing research. There are many clinical questions the camp nurse is prepared to ask and answer. 

What are specific ways that I can get involved? 

Consider participating in a Camp Nursing Research Collaboration with ACN, apply for a Research Seed Grant to jump start a new project, or attend a research-focused session at an annual ACN Sympsoium to learn more about emerging camp health research. Through these collaborative efforts, we can achieve greater health outcomes for those we serve.

Check out current and past camp health research projects:


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